Morgan Schaffer

The most reliable and advanced DGA monitors in the industry.

Morgan Schaffer is a pioneering company and international leader in Dissolved Gas Analysis, having created standard ASTM3612, which currently governs DGA using gas chromatography. Additionally, it is the only laboratory that manufactures its own monitors and holds an ISO17025 certification. The Morgan Schaffer Calisto unit is the most reliable and easy solution for detecting hydrogen in oil and allows implementing a low cost and effective monitoring strategy for a fleet of transformers.

  • Accuracy:

 The greatest accuracy and repetitiveness on the market.

  • Trustworthiness:

 Guarantees that representative samples are properly taken.

  • Profitability:

 Maximises the service life and availability of the asset.

  • Safety:

 Early detection of imminent breakdowns.

  • Warranty:

 30 month extendible warranty.

  • Self-sufficiency:

 Practically maintenance free.

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Morgan Schaffer Calistos DGA - Samca Wind Farm

The Samca group increases the reliability of its wind farms by installing DGA Calisto monitors.

Morgan Schaffer EDP

Morgan Schaffer Calistos DGA - EDP Fleet

Monitoring of dissolved gases (DGA) in EDP Distribución transformers.

Morgan Schaffer Calistos DGA - Viesgo Fleet

Specification of dissolved gas (DGA) monitors in Viesgo Distribución transformers.

Morgan Schaffer Calistos DGA - Naturgy Besós

Early detection of an emerging failure in a step-up transformer of the Besós Naturgy CC plant.

Morgan Schaffer Inside View - EDP Distribución

Optimisation of the management and diagnostic of EDP Distribución's transformer fleet.

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