Morgan Schaffer EDP

Morgan Schaffer Calistos DGA - EDP Fleet

Monitoring of dissolved gases (DGA) in EDP Distribución transformers.


Installation of on-line dissolved gas monitors in critical power transformers of the distribution grid.

The problem

The client was not satisfied with the first installation of DGA monitors from a different manufacturer, due to the difficulties encountered in the installation, and the inaccuracy of the data provided.

The solution

EDP Distribución finally chose our Calisto 2 monitors to be installed in the most critical transformers of their fleet, because their unique characteristics allows carrying out a quick installation, without needing to remove power from the transformer and because they also provide the most accurate and reliable readings in the sector.

The results

The change to Calisto monitors resulted in a notable improvement in the installation and commissioning tasks. During the equipment operation, the client also verified that these monitors provided an increased accuracy in terms of the readings obtained, which in turn increased the confidence in the system. Also, the availability of an oil sample collection point in the monitor itself, unexpectedly facilitated the maintenance tasks.

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