Morgan Schaffer Calistos DGA - Samca Wind Farm

The Samca group increases the reliability of its wind farms by installing DGA Calisto monitors.


Output transformers (50MVA, 55MVA and 90MVA) in wind farms.

The problem

In the dissolved gas analyses (DGA) that have been conducted periodically, the client detected an alarming increase in gases in one of the transformers, so they decided they should continuously monitor the parameters of the affected equipment.

The solution

From Krilinex Power Solutions, we proposed using Calisto monitors due to their ruggedness, high accuracy and reliability in the results they provide. The client was able to verify the quality of the measurements made by Calisto 2 and 9 by comparing the results to a laboratory analysis. After a good experience using these two units, SAMCA decided to purchase a total of eight Calisto 2 monitors and one Calisto 9 multi-gas monitor in addition to the management and diagnostic software Inside View.

The results

The solution provided by Morgan Schaffer allows to physically interchange Calisto 2 and 9 units to enable monitoring all of the transformers, resulting in an important cost savings. The Calisto 2 DGA monitor provides early alarms of emerging failures, while the Calisto 9 facilitates conducting a quick and accurate diagnostic of the failures thanks to its gas chromatography technology.

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