Eone Gas Station - Nuclear Plant of Ascó

Renewal of the hydrogen management and monitoring system for the alternators at the nuclear Plant of Ascó.


Hydrogen treatment station for the Siemens-Westinghouse generators (1000MW) of sets 1 and 2 at the Nuclear Plant of Ascó.

The problem

The existing equipment were those included in the original design of the plant and were becoming obsolete and difficult to maintain and operate. Also, this was a safety risk since this equipment did not comply with the ATEX directive.

The solution

During the system renewal project led by Krilinex Power Solutions together with manufacturer Eone for the past 4 years, a new tailor-made gas station was designed and built (Eone Gas Station) based on the specifications of the project and in direct collaboration with the customer's operating, maintenance, design and engineering teams.

The results

The new Gas Station incorporates state of the art Eone GGA hydrogen purity analysers, allowing the plant to operate with increased levels of efficiency, which translates into direct profits in terms of their operating results. Also, an updated GCM-X system is also included to detect hot spots on the generator.

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