Calisto™ T1 - Monitoring Partial Discharges and the Condition of the Transformer Bushings

Duration50 min.

Transformers are an essential component in any substation In spite of having a relatively low failure rate (1% annually), the costs associated with a serious failure are significant. This way, knowing the condition of the bushings or the absence of partial discharges first hand is essential to ensure the safe operation of any transformer.

Therefore, this monitoring helps determine the condition of our transformer based on these two prisms 24/7, reducing the transformer's overall failure rate, increasing its service life and safely centring our maintenance efforts on other aspects.

Subjects of the Session

  • Basic concepts about the analysis of the condition of the bushings.
  • Basic concepts about the measuring of Partial Discharges.
  • Introduction to Calisto™ T1- Monitoring the Condition of Bushings and Partial Discharges
  • Technical Analysis of the equipment. Economic Viability Analysis of the equipment.
  • Case study.

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