Fiso Technologies - Iberdrola Fleet

Installation of Fibre optics for directly measuring the temperature of Iberdrola's transformer coils.


Power transformers of the entire Iberdrola fleet.

The problem

The installation and test conditions during the Heat Run Test at the factory, subjects the temperature probes to a high mechanical stress that could break the fibre and leave the sensor inoperable.

The solution

Probes manufactured by Fiso, which are made using size 62.5 micron fibre optics, are the only ones that are 100% compliant with standard IEC 60076-2, Annex E. This provides the probe the necessary strength to withstand the required conditions and guarantees its integrity during the installation and operation.

The results

By lowering the failure rate of the probes installed in the transformer, we avoid the need to install redundant sensors. In addition to achieving more reliable tests, because there is physical contact between the already installed probes and the components to be monitored, the client can subsequently carry out an accurate and direct monitoring of the temperatures by simply adding an external monitor. The results have caused Iberdrola to standardise and specify that the sensors installed in their power transformers are from Fiso Technologies.

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