Comparative analysis of direct Hotspot Monitoring Vs Other indirect monitoring methods

Duration39 min.

This web seminar is designed for engineers and technicians involved in maintaining the service life and managing the performance of power transformers, generators and reactors.

Throughout the seminar we will carry out a step by step analysis of the most important aspects of direct measurements and in real time of the temperature of the hot spots inside the transformer coil as well as cover the traditional transformer indirect temperature monitoring methods. Likewise, we will discuss some of the recommendations that are to be taken into account during the factory heat tests as well as a case analysis of an energy company.

Subjects of the session

  • Indirect temperature monitoring methods
  • Direct HotSpot Monitoring Technology using Fibre Optic sensors.
  • Technical comparison of the temperature measurements.
  • Best practices for Factory Tests.
  • Comparative case study:

 Paper CIGRE, CEMIG Brazil.

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