Flowserve Edward Valves - Repsol Escatrón

Process improvement of the Repsol Escatrón Combined cycle as a result of replacing the isolation valves.


10" isolation valve for the high pressure boiler.

The problem

The low quality of the originally installed valves did not allow for an optimum operation of the cycle, which caused premature wear and affected the operation of the process during start-up. These deficiencies reduce the efficiency of the cycle and result in an inefficient operation of the plant, causing wear and premature deterioration of other equipment and increasing maintenance costs.

The solution

10" Flowserve® Equiwedge® gate valve with a flexible dual wedge design and 2" internal equaliser.

The results

The new valve makes the plant more reliable in terms of start-up as well as sensibly reduces the time required to carry out this operation. Also, the wear caused to other equipment in the system was notably reduced. The success and good results obtained by the boiler of group A, prompted replicating this replacement in group B.

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